Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity:

If you want to help make speech recognition work better for a broader group of people, you can donate a recording to Common Voice, a project at the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation to create a large, openly accessible database of speech samples in dozens of languages.



Why Common Voice?

Common Voice is a publicly available voice dataset, powered by the voices of volunteer contributors around the world. People who want to build voice applications can use the dataset to train machine learning models.

At present, most voice datasets are owned by companies, which stifles innovation. Voice datasets also underrepresent: non-English speakers, people of colour, disabled people, women and LGBTQIA+ people. This means that voice-enabled technology doesn’t work at all for many languages, and where it does work, it may not perform equally well for everyone. We want to change that by mobilising people everywhere to share their voice.

How does Common Voice work?

We’re crowdsourcing an open-source dataset of voices. Donate your voice, validate the accuracy of other people’s clips, make the dataset better for everyone.

Are you able to contribute your lip reading skills to restore dialogue to old Silent Movies?

This is the challenge for you!

This is a labor of love of historical importance.

These restored old movies will be catalogued in the Library of Congress

Note: This project is undertaken by Eric Grayson, HLAA Chapter member, Don Grayson's son.

King of the Kongo Lip Reading

For a detailed outline on the movie and restoration project, click here.

If you’d rather cut to the chase, read on.

Chapter 1, Reel 1, two sequences.

First sequence: Script Video

Second sequence: Script Video

Chapter 1, Reel 2:

First sequence: NO SCRIPT Video

We do not appear to have the script for this at all. It’s a very short sequence in which Mooney, Macklin, and Drake are talking. Mooney hands Macklin some papers, which appear to be maps. I suspect that they are talking about a dinosaur that’s in the court. Drake has just seen it and Macklin is dubious. This one will be hard. Drake has referred to this as a dinosaurus in some other titles. Be aware that this might be what he’s saying.

Chapter 3, Reel 1

First sequence: Script Video

Chapter 3, Reel 2, two sequences.

First sequence: Script Video

Second sequence: Script Video

Chapter 7, Reel 1, one sequence

First sequence: Script Video

Please email any results or questions to drfilm@earthlink.net