Transparent Face Masks

1. Tips for managing face masks and hearing loss. LINK

2. Face Masks and Hearing Loss: Practical Tips and Strategies LINK

Where to buy clear masks

BendShape Mask - Visit

FaceView Mask - Visit

Rafi Nova Smile Mask - Visit

Safe'N'Clear - Visit

The Clear Mask - Visit

WETClear Mask - Visit -

Other clear mask options are available online.


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HLAA-Indy Seeks $ for Transparent Face Masks

During this time of Coronavirus, face masks are becoming the norm; however, a face mask can be a communication barrier. Let’s open the world of communication to people with hearing loss (deaf and hard of hearing people make up about 15 percent of the population), people who communicate non-verbally, and others who also rely on seeing lip/tongue/jaw movements for speech understanding. With the growing use of masks in medical facilities and greater society let’s not leave those who rely on facial expression out of the communication loop and possibly at risk. Transparent masks will help facilitate effective communication.

Please join us in making a difference. Money raised will go towards purchasing material, shipping, and handling. Any extra will go toward Hospital Kits for people with hearing loss and other activities that improve communication access.

Any donation will help make a positive impact. We appreciate your generosity! Donate now.

Please Help Us Reach Our Goal.