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Our Chapter is an affiliate of the national Hearing Loss Association of America.  Link


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The term DHH is used to represent all people who identify as Deaf, deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened, DeafBlind and Deaf with Additional Disabilities.

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Chapter Officers of the Board 

President: Teresa Gonzalez, 217-816-0898 (Texting only)   tgonzalez@hlaa-indianapolis.org 

Vice President: Open

Secretary​/Webmaster: ​Ella Hurrell, secretary@hlaa-indianapolis.org 

Treasurer: ​Cathy Phillips, treasurer@hlaa-indianapolis.org 

Board Members at Large:​ 

Chapter Commitees reporting to the Board:

Fundraising Committee: Chairperson Paula Sutton

Event Planning Committee: Chairperson Kitty Berger

Hospital Committee: Chairperson Cindy Helmich, Coleen Rozmaryn

Membership & Hospitality: Chairperson Kitty Berger, Cindy Helmich

General Enquiries: info@hlaa-indianapolis.org

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Welcome Letter from the President of the Chapter, Teresa Gonzalez

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Message from our President, Teresa Gonzalez, on the occasion of the ADA 30th Anniversary. #ThanksToTheADA 


Chapter President, 

Teresa Gonzalez

Inclusion Statement from the Indy Chapter Board

"Just as the loss of hearing affects all cross-sections of our population, the HLAA Indianapolis Board of Directors is committed to implementing the ideal that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our organization. We provide support, education and advocacy for our members and the hard of hearing community and look to find effective solutions to enhance equity and inclusion for Black, Indigenous and People of Color within our Chapter and society."

Teresa Gonzalez, Paula Sutton, Cindy Helmich, Ella Hurrell

Worldwide Directory of Businesses for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community.

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