By-Laws:HLAA-Indianapolis Chapter

Save the Date-By-Laws Meeting 3/14/2020 .

Notice from The President.

Per your request, we have the date & room reserved (at no cost to us) at Irvington Public Library on March 14, 2020, 11:00am to 1:30pm. We may not need that much time but to allow ample time it's there for us. Members that are able to make it, please do. This meeting focuses on the By-Laws only. If you want your vote to count, then please be present. If you want a Proxy vote to count you need to nominate a member to include your vote.

Please have your proposed changes or additions to Ella ( no later than February 1, 2020.

You will receive the edited version prior to our meeting. It is our hope we can come to an agreement that is workable to the majority. Any questions please let me know.

You may send a Proxy Form prior to a meeting to vote by proxy.

The Chapter By-Laws are here again for review. This By Law document began as a template from the National HLAA office back in May of 2018 and has been amended a few times.

The current By-Laws with changes are in red. Our Board of Directors recently discussed the By-Laws as well as other topics. I would like to share with you what our Board members have stated for important changes. For example, there seems to not be an agreement on the President's and Vice-President's required attendance at monthly meetings. One Board member stated 75% of the 10 months of meetings and another stated 50% is fine. If the President is not in attendance, it is usually expected that the Vice-President take over leading the meeting. As it stands, we currently do not have a Vice-President. So, I have asked the Board to share in leading the meeting and one Board member to introduce speakers we have.

Most of the changes suggested by the Board were for structure/grammatical sentences.

Board members comments:

* approval for expenses must be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors- there is different views on the cap...some are saying anything over $25 and another board member stated anything over $100

* president and vice president should be present 50% of all chapter meetings- there is disagreement as another board member stated 75% of the time

* language should be clear on how long a board member officer should serve, is it 4 years or 2 years altogether? so far, it is two years and third year is time for re-election or elections for new it states, officers should not serve more than 4 years altogether....there is confusion on this

Please discuss this at the meeting and if we need to extend voting , we can do so for our next meeting in October. We just need to make sure we get this completed before the end of the year so that we have our By Laws in place for the new year 2020 and before our annual Board meeting in January.

Thank you everyone!