Advocacy Efforts in Progress

Advocacy Activity List by HLAA Indianapolis members.

Please email me ( with a description of what you are working on to help the hard of hearing community.

Thank you.

Paula Sutton working on discounts for HLAA Members

She suggests that HLAA National have an initiative to offer its members more benefits such as discounts of various sorts. I am a member of a number of organizations that do this and I can suggest various organizations, businesses, services, and products for consideration. Many organizations offer discounts that benefit both the members and the organization. Such partnerships may include a financial benefit that could possibly even fund a part-time marketing position at HLAA. Such initiative can help grow our membership, partnerships, and finances. I will be volunteering to help my chapter, HLAA - Indianapolis to do this at the local level as well so we can better serve our members, grow our membership, improve our financial situation, and better enable us to do even more for Hoosiers with Hearing Loss!

Kitty Berger is updating the list for Looped Churches in Indiana