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ADA Americans with Disabilities

An ALDA Chapter pledges to pursue one or more of the general objectives of ALDA, which are to provide education, advocacy, role models, and support (EARS) for late-deafened adults.

ALDA Group in northern Indiana.Meetings are held quarterly. www.alda.org www.facebook.com/ALDAInc/

Hearing Charities of America supports those who are deaf or hard of hearing through awareness, volunteerism and philanthropy. We provide resources for hearing professionals, manufacturers and individuals with hearing issues in the communities we serve.

The 7 Best Hearing Aids of 2019. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses his favorite hearing aids as we enter 2019.

His YouTube videos cover many topics. Take a look.

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Speech Reading

“The act or process of determining the intended meaning of a speaker by utilizing all visual clues accompanying speech attempts, as lip movements, facial expressions, and bodily gestures, used especially by people with impaired hearing.”

Powerpoint compliments from HLAA-Chicago