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IndyStar-Letter to the Editor, Oct 14 2019

Breaking News: Telecoil Bill Ceremonial Signing by Governor Holcomb in presence of our Chapter President, Teresa Gonzalez, and major ICCA members (Indiana Committee for Communication Access). June 24, 2019.

HB 1113 requires first and second class cities in Indiana to consider the installation of audio frequency induction loop systems in new or remodeled public buildings to accommodate the use of telecoils in hearing aids. The law also requires Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dealers to provide oral and written information to consumers that explains telecoils and induction loop systems. It requires installation of the systems to meet ANSI standards so that the systems work as planned.

The hard work and efforts of the Indiana Committee for Communication Access, which has 3 members from our Chapter, is instrumental in this landmark achievement and will help all Indiana citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Governor Holcomb with Linda Loftus, Chair ICCA (indiana Committee for Communication Access) and ICCA members Teresa Gonzalez (President HLAA-Indianapolis Chapter) and Janice Neidigh (President HLAA-Michiana Chapter). More pictures in Resources/ Photos.

Teresa Gonzalez with Indiana Governor Holcomb.June 2019