Advocacy & Action-Surveys & Petitions

Advocacy for the hard of hearing community is very important.

Here are some opportunities to do this today while at your computer.

Our advocacy has been paying off!

Request automatic Captions for your free Zoom Account NOW.

Zoom will provide its high-quality ASR captions (Live Transcript) FREE for people with hearing loss. Click here to request access if your free account does not already have it available. (They are rolling this out to everyone but if you state you have a hearing disability then you will get ahead of the roll out.)

Read announcement.

What can Microsoft do today to improve accessibility?

Microsoft offers free captioning through Powerpoint, Microsoft Stream and its Skype video chat (up to 50 people), but it restricts access to captioning for larger meetings behind a pay wall. Microsoft must remove the paywall for people with hearing loss.

CBS Complaints about Closed Captioning-link

Open Captions at Movies Petition

You can also make your voice heard by clicking here to sign the online petition in

support of open captioning at the MOVIES. LINK

If you or someone you know enjoys captioning on television at home or in public

buildings, you will enjoy the freedom open captions bring. Open captions give

everyone full access and enjoyment at the movies.

Support Ally's Act to require insurance coverage for hearing devices.

US Congress: Support Ally’s Act, H.R. 5485 to require insurance coverage for hearing devices

I just signed the petition "US Congress: Support Ally’s Act, H.R. 5485 to require insurance coverage for hearing devices" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

You can read more and sign the petition here:

Further information on Ally's Act LINK LINK2 LINK3. LINK4

Ally’s Act would provide the following for every state:

1. Coverage for a BAHA or CI device.

2. Upgrade replacement of these hearing devices every 5 years

3. Cover accessories including soft band headband, hard band and adhesives.

4. Cover repairs for these devices

5. Cover (1) hearing assessment per year

6. Cover (1) preoperative assessment per year

7. Cover implantation surgery

8. Cover post-operative medical appointments

9. Cover post-operative audiological appointments for fittings, programming and activation

10.Provide aural services related to the use of this device.

Send an email for action LINK

Hearing Loop advocacy group. Send an email to to join this online information group.



Be part of the solution! Participate in research that investigates the impact of communication access on health care delivery.

Researchers are working diligently to gather data that can drive mandates to improve our communication with doctors and medical staff. This survey is an excellent way for you to contribute to better health and safety for all people with hearing loss.

Survey on Improving the Health Care System:

The Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center is asking people who are 60 or older, have age-related hearing loss, and have seen a health care provider within the past two years to complete a 15-minute internet survey on improving the way the health care system helps your community. To participate, click on this link:

If you have any questions, email Jessica Campanile.

Thank you.